Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunch and introducing Muffin!

Lunch today was two corn tortillas with a bit of deli meat, cheddar cheese, spinach and tomato, with apple on the side.

I made tacos for my muffin (my roommate, we call each other muffin) and I cause she was stressing about school. Organic ground beef, lettuce, tomato, mozza cheese and more avocado with cucumber on the side. Muffin ate her cucumber in her taco and commented that it wasn't bad, but it was more refreshing than a taco needed to be.

I'm realizing that my Mom, though she probably didn't know it, had the variety and proportion thing down. I'm eating much like I did when I lived at home. Of course she, like me, likes to snack on chips and sweet things so while I was a kid and only ate what was given to me, I was pretty friggen skinny. It was later on that I developed the tendency to eat when I was bored or as an escape.

After lunch I went for a walk so I could actually get out of the house for a bit. Had tea with a friend. I avoided ordering a fancy shmancy latte or mocha and got rooibos tea instead! On the way home I got more corn tortillas. Muffin is gluten intolerant so we go through a lot of them. I got the 5 dozen pack from dollar grocer. They don't sell them at stupid store and a lot of the big chain stores! It's stupid! I went into several and all they ever have is flour tortillas. I also got more veggies and some tofu. Maybe tomorrow I will venture away from the vast amounts of meat and cheese. Tofu stirfry? We shall see!

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